First week is always free!

Put on some gloves, jump some rope and learn the fundamentals and footwork of boxing in a safe, fun and challenging environment that educates our students on self-defense and fitness principles.

What to Expect

Youth boxing focuses on technique, discipline and conditioning that fosters communication and teamwork among their peers. The 50-minute class will increase endurance, strength, agility and flexibility with an obstacle course for the finale.

Why youth boxing is so important…

  • Goals In boxing, children are taught how to set goals for themselves.
  • Focus Boxing is a physical sport that requires focus. Trainers teach fundamental forms and use their mental strength to the max.
  • Respect Boxing can teach children how to respect their peers and authority.
  • Builds confidence Encouraging young people and constantly giving them positive affirmations can be very healthy. Boxing trainers are committed to pushing them to be better.
  • Social development The Boxing program at Lionize include kids meeting new opponents. This type of exposure can promote healthy social development early. Most importantly, kids will get to experience memorable interactions.
  • Educational Trainers at Lionize are constantly counting and teaching problem-solving. Kids have the chance to learn about health and fitness through boxing. They will appreciate the importance of nutrition, something that will help them increase a better performance in sport.
  • A positive outlet Kids need a positive outlet to feel safe in when they’re away from school and home.