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The youth kickboxing program at Lionize Training Center includes one of the best belt promotion programs for youth kickboxing.

The program is for children between the ages of 5 and 16 years old and offers a safe, fun and challenging environment that educates our students on self-defense, fitness principles and bullying prevention. This program is taught by  world class instructor, owner of Lionize, Mike Nagy.   The youth belt promotion program is built around safety, respect and education.

Lionize Training Centers unique belt promotion provides our students with the opportunity to advance with determination and commitment.   However, having fun is a must!

What to Expect

Each child will be given a white belt and asked to wear it to each 50 minute class. The program consists of 8 levels broken down by a variety of skill, technique, agility and endurance. The program has been carefully constructed to align each level within a variety of age levels. We feel that it’s important to reward and recognize our students as they continue to grow as an adolescent and as an athlete. Lionize promises:

  • Respect, communication and teamwork among their peers and their elders.
  • Conditioning and strength towards additional sports
  • Increased endurance, strength and flexibility
  • Improvement with their study skills and increased mental focus

LIONIZE TRAINING CENTER’S YOUTH KICKBOXING PROGRAM goes far beyond fitness, it lays the foundation for a successful future.

Class Breakdown

  • Warm Up. Calisthenics and Stretching to loosen up the muscles for exercise
  • Technique Training. Fundamental techniques for boxing and kickboxing
  • Partner Drills. Kids will be paired with fellow students to practice techniques on pads and bags
  • Cool Down & Games: Technique based games such as football, dodgeball and tag

Students will be tested privately when the professors have identified that they are ready to be recognized with a stripe on their belt. (Meaning, no student will be tested unless the professor is certain they are ready to advance to the next level. Lionize Training Center takes pride that the youth kickboxing program has a no failing in our policy.)   Testing will take place 3 times per year on a weekend afternoon where all families are welcome to watch and recognize the promotion of their child. Class levels will remain combined for now as we are qualified to differentiate between each level and can continually support the growing needs of each student.

Lionize Training Centers first priority is for our students to accept that everyone is equal and that having fun is a must. Participating in a martial arts program has incredible scientific evidence showing it helps in all areas of a child’s life, especially school. We are extremely excited to offer this support and program for your child.